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What People Say About Us

Great Attorney

I hired attorney Okoh-Brown to represent me in a child support case. Her rates were very reasonable. She was able to get my child support reduced almost 50%. And while we were at court, she stayed on top of what was going on at court and caught an error that would have caused us to be there all day. She also called me several times the night before to prepare me and to keep me updated on everything. During the mediation part of the case, she kept her cool and even got me to see reason at times during the process and stay focused on what was best for my child. I saw my child this weekend for the first time in a few months. Attorney Okoh-Brown promised to fight for my rights in the future and work with me and was not focused on how much money I had. I found her to be professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I will retain her services in the future and highly recommend her.
Marcus G.
Past Client

Extremely Helpful And Courteous

I hired Attorney Okoh-Brown to help me get my green card since she had previously helped my mother, sister, and brother. When I applied for my green card, it was denied because the immigration said I was not covered under 245(i). Attorney Okoh-Brown appealed the decision and won the appeal. Once again my green card was denied for the same reason and once again Attorney Okoh-Brown appealed the decision and won the appeal. My green card was finally approved. She really helped me and made my dream come true.
Past Client

Outstanding Performance

Lisa Okoh-Brown was very helpful to my case. She went above and beyond her call of duty to help me and family. She even travelled to Philadelphia to help with a federal case, related with immigration matters. She was a blessing to my family.
Past Client

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