Lisa M. Potter puts 20 years of solid legal experience to work for you in the areas of family, immigration, criminal law, and civil litigation.  She worked her way through college while raising 4 children.  She attended the University of West Alabama and graduated Magna Cum Laude and #1 in her major with an accounting degree.  She then attended Howard University and earned her Masters in Business Administration and finished #2 in her class, while raising 2 small children.  She then attended Georgetown University Law, one of the nation's most prestigious law schools, and earned her Juris Doctorate (law degree), followed by a Master of Law Degree (LLM) in taxation after having her 3rd child.  She has received numerous awards and distinctions throughout her academic career such as Who's who among American law students, and the National Association of Professional Women – Woman of the Year award, to name a few.

She is exclusively focused on Family law and immigration law.  Lisa's passion for Immigration law stems from being an immigrant to this country and fighting to achieve the American dream, like so many of her clients. Equally, her passion for Family Law stems from being a mother and wife who has gone through the pain and disappointment of the breakup of a family. Having been in the family law system, she brings a unique perspective to her clients because she has "walked a mile" in their shoes and as such treats her clients with the compassion and attention to detail that she desired when she was a family law client.  She is a fierce advocate for children and sees her 4 children in every child that she encounters. 

She balances her client's wants and needs with the reality of their situation.  She understands that she is a "counselor" at law and has to alternate between both attorney and counselor at any given moment.  Clients can always expect her to tell them the truth, even when it's difficult to hear and she will not work on a case just to bill a client.  She honestly has to believe that she will be able to help a client navigate the emotional and financial landmines in the family law system.  Her goal is for her clients to feel that she gave them the very best legal representation at an affordable price, while never skimping on her pursuit of justice for her clients. She considers herself a legal "warrior."

Avvo Rating Top Attorney

On a Personal Note:
Lisa was born in the Caribbean, to a single mother, as one of six children.  She came from very modest means and that fueled her desire to have a better life for her and her future children.  She attended high school in Miami, Florida, and moved to Houston in 2009 and feels that Houston is the best city in the U.S. to live in.  She is a former athlete who played 5 different sports growing up and she brings that competitive drive and winning attitude to everything she does in life, including the practice of law.  She has 2 sons and 2 daughters, ages 30, 26, 22 and 14.  All of her adult children have graduated from college, speak a foreign language, and play musical instruments. 

She feels her greatest accomplishment is her children.  Lisa’s family loves music, especially musical theatre and her favorite thing to do is to travel the world and experience other cultures and people.

She is also an avid student of personal development and listens daily to one of the great gurus such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and other greats such as Napolean Hill.  She believes that she can always learn and improve upon herself as this will help her be a better, mother, wife, lawyer, and most of all a better human being.  She has been happily remarried now for 8 years and considers her husband her best friend, travel companion, and confidante.  She wants anyone going through a divorce to know that it does get better and there is “life” after a divorce and just because a relationship failed, that does not make you a failure.  Her favorite quote is to “grow through what you go through” and she brings this philosophy to her clients and the practice of law.