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Raising a child is a huge responsibility. For split households, child support is an essential part of ensuring that the child's needs are met. In Texas, both parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children. Whether you're establishing a child support agreement or seeking to modify an existing one, having the right legal support is essential. 

Attorney Lisa M. Potter at The Okoh-Brown Law Group, PLLC provides experienced guidance on Texas child support laws and relentless representation for parents who need it most. With her extensive experience in family law, she will help you navigate the legal process and secure the financial support needed to safeguard your children’s future. 

Lisa understands the critical importance of reliable financial support for your children's growth and development. She will advocate firmly to obtain an outcome that best reflects your children's needs.

Her Houston-based family law firm is committed to offering personalized and effective legal representation for families throughout Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, and beyond. Contact her today to schedule a time to discuss your child support matter. 

Determining Child Support in Texas 

Texas law has clear guidelines for determining child support, taking into account various factors to calculate the appropriate amount. These factors include: 

  • Income of both parents: The financial resources and earning capabilities of both parents play a significant role in determining child support payments. 

  • Number of children: The amount of support is adjusted based on the number of children that require care. 

  • Custody arrangement: The division of physical custody between the parents can impact the support amount, particularly if one parent has primary custody. 

  • Special needs: Any special educational, medical, or psychological needs of the child are considered to ensure they receive adequate support. 

The primary consideration in any child support decision is the child's best interest, which requires the court to examine factors including, but not limited to: 

  • Your child's needs, including education, healthcare, and extracurricular activities. 

  • Each parent's financial situation and ability to provide support. 

  • The standard of living your child would have experienced had the household remained intact. 

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Modifications to Child Support Agreements 

Child support agreements are not immutable. To request a modification to an existing child support agreement in Texas, a parent must file a petition with the court demonstrating a significant change in circumstances since the original order was established. 

Significant changes can include: 

  • Changes in a parent's employment or income. 

  • The child's evolving needs, such as healthcare or education expenses. 

  • A parent's relocation. 

  • Alterations in custody arrangements. 

The court requires that the proposed modification aligns with the child's best interest. The parent requesting the change must provide compelling evidence to support their claim. The process begins with filing a formal modification petition detailing the requested changes and the reasons behind them. 

After filing the petition, the other parent must be served with the documentation and given the opportunity to respond. Resolution attempts may involve mediation, and if an agreement isn't reached, the case will proceed to a court hearing where a judge will make the final decision based on the evidence presented by both parties. 

Having a lawyer by your side during this process is key to making sure your case is clearly presented and to boost your chances of a positive outcome. 

Consequences for Failing to Provide Child Support 

Texas takes the enforcement of child support orders very seriously, reflecting its commitment to ensuring that children receive the financial support they need for their upbringing and well-being. 

Civil penalties: The parent who owes child support, known as the obligor, may face wage garnishment where a portion of their income is directly deducted to meet their child support obligations. Additionally, liens can be placed on the obligor's property, including bank accounts, real estate, and even personal property such as vehicles. 

License suspensions: This can include driver's licenses, professional licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, and even recreational licenses. The impact of these suspensions can be profound, potentially affecting the obligor's ability to work and earn a living. 

Credit consequences: Arrears in child support obligations can be reported to credit bureaus, leading to a lower credit rating. This can make it more difficult for the obligor to secure loans, mortgages, or even lease agreements, affecting their long-term financial stability. 

Tax refund interception: If an obligor is behind on their payments, their tax refunds can be seized to fulfill their child support obligations. 

Contempt of court: In more severe cases, failing to pay child support can result in being held in contempt of court. This is a serious offense where the court has determined that the obligor has willfully disobeyed the court's orders. Contempt of court can lead to fines and, in extreme cases, jail time. The threat of incarceration serves as a significant deterrent against non-compliance with child support orders. 

Passport denial: The Office of the Attorney General of Texas can request the denial of passport applications for individuals who have significant child support arrears. This measure ensures that obligors cannot evade their responsibilities by relocating abroad. 

Attorney Lisa M. Potter at The Okoh-Brown Law Group, PLLC provides skilled guidance and representation for child support cases. If you're facing issues with child support payments, or need assistance enforcing a child support order, contact Lisa today to discuss your options and get ahead of the situation.  

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Lisa approaches each child support case with commitment and empathy, understanding how vital these arrangements are for families. Whether you’re facing a contentious support dispute or seeking an amicable modification, Lisa is here to help ensure that the financial plan for your child is both fair and equitable. 

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