Abbigayle Schwebach

My husband and I were in a custody battle little over a year. 3 weeks before court our lawyer dropped us and we found Lisa Okoh-Brown. With short noticed she stepped in saved us. As my husband said Babe Ruth couldn’t have knock the ball out of the park the way that she did. She prayed with us and listen to everything we had to say and stood with us. Even though we didn’t win the battle, she did everything she could do to help our family. We are forever grateful for Lisa and her dedication in the short time we had her.

I definitely would recommend Lisa Okoh-Brown to my friends and family. She works hard and never gives up.

Lisa's Response:

Thank you so much for the kind words. The battle is short-lived but in the end You will definitely win the war. Your husband and you are doing all the right things. Keep it up and if we can ever be of service in the future, please do not hesitate. You are the reason why I continue to do what I do. To make a difference in the lives of others, especially children. Stay safe and God bless.

Abbigayle Schwebach

My husband and I were in a custody battle little over a year. 3 weeks before court our lawyer dropped us and we found Lisa Okoh-Brown. With short noticed she stepped in saved us. As my husband said Babe Ruth couldn’t have knock the ball out of the park the way that she did. She prayed with us and listen to everything we had to say and stood with us. Even though we didn’t win the battle, she did everything she could do to help our family. We are forever grateful for Lisa and her dedication in the short time we had her.

I definitely would recommend Lisa Okoh-Brown to my friends and family. She works hard and never gives up.

Lisa's Response:

Thank you so much for the kind words. The battle is short-lived but in the end You will definitely win the war. Your husband and you are doing all the right things. Keep it up and if we can ever be of service in the future, please do not hesitate. You are the reason why I continue to do what I do. To make a difference in the lives of others, especially children. Stay safe and God bless.

Brandon lee

Honestly y’all…this lawyer is amazing. Ms Okoh is willing to do the nitty gritty and the dirty and fight for you until the end. She fights with ferocity and determination and is willing to find every edge she can get you in your case. She is NOT a miracle worker as you shouldn’t expect from any lawyer, but she is VERY knowledgeable of the law. She keeps you updated, is timely and has fair prices. If you’re expecting a “nice lawyer” this is NOT your lawyer… There is no lawyer you should expect who will be nice to you and get stuff done. You need a lawyer who practices their mean face 24/7 so it comes natural in court. If you want a lawyer who will GET stuff DONE and is timely and keeps you updated on what and when she’s working on your case? This is your lawyer. She truly is built different.

Lisa's Response:

It was my pleasure to fight for you and keep your kids in Texas where they belong…we need more good fathers like you and yes there may be a “mean face” but there is also a BIG HEART to match that cares about my clients and children especially and that is why i fight so hard. 🙂

Kayla White

Lisa Okoh is an amazing attorney! She took my divorce/custody case in it’s final stages and completely turned it around. This bulldog attorney worked day and night on my case. She was on top of communication and filing of all paperwork. She builds an outstanding bond with her clients. She works hard to assure the safety of her clients. She extensively prepare you for trial and is very knowledgeable of the laws. When she hit the courtroom this woman’s on fire and ready to fight on your behalf. In a short period of time she was able to produce an outcome that exceeded my expectations. She picked me up when I was down and her faith carried me when I was weak. She save my case!!!

Lisa's Response:

Kayla, you are a woman who has been through a lot and it was my honor to fight for you and your son. Thank you for appreciating the work that was done in such a short period of time. Once I accept a case, i give it my all because so much is at stake for families and i look at each child like my own. I am so happy we got you everything you wanted. God is good!

Chris viscaino

Great outstanding attorney do not ever doubt her ! Amazing work ! She set a game plan and made it happen thank you again !

Seth Winkler

Amazing services, professional, caring and worked extremely hard on my case. I couldn’t thank Mrs. Lisa enough for what she has done for my family. I highly RECOMMEND Mrs. Lisa to work for you. She knows how to get the job done and doesn’t play games. She believes in what is right/best for her clients.

Lisa's Response:

and you forgot the part about how I had two attorneys against me…but whose counting? LOL. Seth you are an amazing dad and it was my honor to fight to get your kids back after 5 years. For us to come in and get the judge to switch custody and not delay, is a testament to your case and I will always make sure i fight hard for kids and your kids deserve to be home with their dad. So happy for you. Don’t foget to send me that “family”

Michele kendall

If you want the real deal put your guard down because Lisa Okoh-Brown has your back. She’s ethical, she’s shrewd like your sister taking up for you. And she is kind. What else could you ask for in an attorney, she’s my hero!

Lisa's Response:

Thank you for your words Michele. It’s clients like you that make it all worthwhile, so glad we had a victory! Happy holidays

Cody Amestoy

She was so awesome. during the court case she came in clutch and got me exactly what i wanted for me and my son. Cant thank her enough. She was also very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. honestly couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.

Lisa's Response:

Cody, it was my absolute pleasure to get you more time with your child and defeat their motion to dismiss in order to have our hearing and shut them down at every turn, even their surprise evidence…that was one of my proudest legal moments to be able to use the laws of another state to exclude evidence in Our Texas case! Yay!! . I love when I have clients who match my tempo. You listened, took constructive criticism and were open to suggestions. Don’t forget my Thanksgiving pic with you and your child and thank you for all you do for this country. We need more men and dad’s like you in the world. Today was a team victory. 💕

Ann Tallant

Legal Warrior. those are the two words I would use to describe Lisa Okoh-Brown. I cannot thank her enough for getting me my son after a few years of him being kept from me by his dad and dad’s family. We went into court in Parker county and his grandma lied and said she didn’t know where he was. 3 weeks later CPS in another state had my child and he had been abused by dad. Lisa got involved and worked with the D.A. and CPS in another state to help them understand Texas law and to not do anything to hurt our case in TX. She was not hired to do this but she really cares about her clients and won’t leave you hanging. She then filed a petition back in Texas court which allowed the other state to close out their case. We showed up last week and now I have sole custody and dad is barred from all access. She was tireless in her efforts. She is super responsive. Most law firms you only deal with the paralegals but not here. You pay for an attorney you get an attorney. Just understand she is a straight shooter and is going to tell you what you need to hear. Sometimes you may not like it but just know she is working for your good and will fight for you and your children until the end. If you just trust her and do what she says, you are going to get the results you want. I wish I could give her 100 stars! She deserves it! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart Lisa!!

Lisa's Response:

Seeing your beautiful son and the smile on his face was worth every minute. That smile is why I do what I do and having grateful clients like you who truly appreciate all the work is so rewarding. Thank you 💕

Mohammad Sholakh

Have you ever sat in a quart room and just feel overwhelmed by the important and powerful people in that room. Well I don’t know how that would make you feel as an individual but it’s pretty overwhelming it puts butterflies in my stomach because it’s always a serious matter but when Lisa walks into the quart room the energy that she brings is a WOW that’s my attorney. that’s the leader that’s the team captain that’s gonna fight with the power of the law. Heck ya then my butterflies slowly went away because I new I was in great hands. she’s tough she’s aggressive and she knows what she’s doing when someone has passion into their work no matter what the outcome and results are there’s always positivity. and for me I’m one of those clients that’s not so simple I’m a mess I thought, and never once did she tell me well maybe or possibly we can get or win no no no. With her it’s we’re gonna win we’re gonna get what we came to get. Straight up. Look I’m really not a review writer and never thought I would ever Wright a review whether it was good or bad. So if you want to jump on a team that has experience and knows what they’re doing look no further I highly recommend Mrs. Lisa for you family law lawyer. Take my word for it it is very hard to search and find a proper attorney or a good attorney and it always has speculation in peoples heads is this the right one did a higher the right one is she going to do the job done trust me. That was one of the most hardest things that I ever faced was I going to get a good attorney but she is blessed and I am very lucky to be on her team thank you Lisa your the best…

Good, reliable, and trustworthy

Posted by Kristina

Atty Okoh-Brown helped me with my immigration papers. My case was a unique case. I came from the Philippines. My mom petitioned me before I reached 21 years old. Got my petition approved and my visa number updated. But was denied by USCIS because of adjusting my status to permanent resident because my mom was naturalized before I filed for adjustment and moved up my petition from Family base 2 to Family base 1, which led to a 10-year wait for my visa number to be updated.

I then went to a lawyer and consulted this. Paid almost 4k and was told that they already filed my adjustment of status. To my surprise, I got a letter from the Dept of Homeland Security for deportation.

I searched for another lawyer and Atty. Okoh responded to my request. She helped me with my papers and she represented me with my case. I am now a permanent resident and I was not deported, thanks to Atty Okoh-Brown.

Extremely helpful and courteous

Posted by Adam

Lisa helped me get a fiancee visa for my fiancee and a visa for her son, and then their green cards. I had no idea how to go about either, and she made the process VERY easy. She sent me all the proper forms with detailed instructions for me to fill out, and she and her group did the rest. And she and her staff were very courteous and helpful with all my questions. We now successfully have their green cards with no hassle.

Outstanding performance

Posted by Greg

Lisa Okoh-Brown was very helpful to my case. She went above and beyond her call of duty to help me and family. She even travelled to Philadelphia to help with a federal case, related with immigration matters. She was a blessing to my family.

Great Attorney

Posted by Mariana

I hired Attorney Okoh-Brown to help me get my green card since she had previously helped my mother, sister, and brother. When I applied for my green card, it was denied because the immigration said I was not covered under 245(i). Attorney Okoh-Brown appealed the decision and won the appeal. Once again my green card was denied for the same reason and once again Attorney Okoh-Brown appealed the decision and won the appeal. My green card was finally approved. She really helped me and made my dream come true.

Great Attorney

Posted by Inga

We were amazed at Lisa’s competence from the initial consultation. Every attorney my husband consulted in NY & Houston, while I was detained in Houston, TX detention center, stated that there was absolutely no possible way of me being released until my case was over, due to the fact that I was detained at the airport, trying to re-enter the US. Lisa was the only attorney who actually told my husband that there was an option…

She filed a parole application with ICE (based on the hardship my minor child would experience in my absence). The parole was granted & I was reunited with my family after exactly a month of being detained.

Although we reside in NYC, we decided to continue working with Lisa. My hearing was scheduled in Houston, TX immigration court for the following year. Lisa explained the procedures ,laws, strategy, and advised us on the documentation & witness requirements in order to present the strongest possible case. Lisa scheduled telephone sessions with me and all of my witnesses to explain the process and prepared them for the court hearing. While Lisa’s knowledge & experience in immigration law was obvious, she seemed to know very little about Ukraine (specifically, antisemitism in Ukraine, which was another approach to my case) and yet she took the time to research & learn about it, sharing all of her findings with me. In addition to filing for defense based on religious persecution, Lisa suggested filing a 212h waiver based on the hardship my daughter would experience should I be deported.

Lisa WON my case! It has been one of the most difficult & nerve-wrecking years in the life of my family, full of uncertainty & fears. And with Lisa’s help, this nightmare is over. I would highly recommend her for any immigration case, especially the difficult ones. Sincerely I.E.

Great Attorney

Posted by Marcus G.

I hired attorney Okoh-Brown to represent me in a child support case. Her rates were very reasonable. She was able to get my child support reduced almost 50%. And while we were at court, she stayed on top of what was going on at court and caught an error that would have caused us to be there all day. She also called me several times the night before to prepare me and to keep me updated on everything. During the mediation part of the case, she kept her cool and even got me to see reason at times during the process and stay focused on what was best for my child. I saw my child this weekend for the first time in a few months. Attorney Okoh-Brown promised to fight for my rights in the future and work with me and was not focused on how much money I had. I found her to be professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I will retain her services in the future and highly recommend her.

Definitely will recommend!!!

Posted by G.H.

I am from Kazakhstan and hired The Okoh-Brown Law Group and they filed my petition in July 2014 and I was very happy with their service. They stayed on top of my case, called me whenever there was something to report. Called me to make sure that I had received my fingerprint notice and most importantly, prepared me completely for the interview. Because of Ms. Okoh-Brown’s attention to detail, she was able to spot a potential problem in my case that may have caused a denial which she prepared me and my husband to address at the interview. She also attended the interview with me. Every aspect of our case was reviewed by the attorney. As a result of her knowledge, experience, and expertise, we passed the interview yesterday, Dec. 3, 2014 with flying colors, and got an approval at the interview. I am so grateful for the service we received and the care Ms. Okoh-Brown showed my case. I will definitely use the firm in the future for immigration issues and, without hesitation, would refer my friends and family. G. H.

Very Pleased with the service

Posted by Muhammad-S.H.

I hired The Okoh-Brown Law Group in 2010 when the U.S. government sent me a notice to come to court for removal/deportation proceedings. From the moment I met Ms. Okoh-Brown, I could tell she was a fighter and she promised she would fight for me. I am from Mauritius and I have been in the U.S. for many years, and have a wife and children here. The thought of having to leave them was very upsetting to me.

My case was very complicated and the attorney for the government did not want the immigration judge to approve my application to get my green card and stay in the country. Ms. Okoh-Brown took my case to trial and it was a hard fought trial. She met with me and my wife 6 weeks before the trial to prepare our testimony and go over everything with us so that we were fully prepared for, not only her questions at trial, but for the judge’s and government attorney’s questions.

She made a strong closing argument in my case and filed a closing brief to persuade the judge to grant my application. My trial was on 10/21/2013. I was so anxious waiting for the judge’s decision. Your life is on hold just waiting. Ms. Okoh-Brown at least saw to it that I had a work permit during this case so that I could work and support my family while waiting on the judge’s decision. When Ms. Okoh-Brown called on October 27, 2014 to tell me that the Judge had granted my application despite the government’s opposition, she and I celebrated the victory.

Ms. Okoh-Brown takes her cases personally and she is invested in the outcome of the case. It was a victory for both of us and I am eternally grateful for her and her assistant, Mayra, for all the hard work, dedication, care, professionalism, and just keeping me updated every step of the way. I can never repay her for helping me to remain with my family and see my children grow up. She is the best and I highly recommend her.

Great Services!

Posted by IDH

My case really started over 25 years ago when I came to this country from the Caribbean. Being naive, I was fooled into being involved with a situation that created long-lasting consequences in my life. I hired an attorney years ago to try to fix my status and paid many thousands of dollars but got no results.

I have known Attorney Okoh-Brown personally for over 30 years. She has always been a fighter and high achiever. Always. As an athlete she was driven and always wanted to win. I see that same qualities in her as a lawyer. I must admit I never told her about my immigration issues because it was something that I did not easily share with anyone due to having a very successful career. Finally, 3 years ago, I decided to share my situation with her. She immediately wanted to help and said she loved challenging cases. She started researching right away and trying to find a way to win my case. She warned me there were no guarantees but she would fight hard for me but would never risk my life here in the U.S.

She went through several avenues to remedy my situation. She ran checks. We discussed every step of the way the risks involved and whether to proceed. In the end, she did a thorough analysis and although she felt good about the outcome, she left the decision entirely up to me on whether to take a chance since it was ultimately my life.

Well I am ecstatic to report that yesterday, December 4, 2014, after all the hard work, time, and effort expended by The Okoh-Brown Law Group, I was granted permanent residency in this country. I cannot put into words how this has changed my life. I have been in limbo for a quarter of a century, a virtual prisoner in this country unable to leave, unable to go visit family, unable to take jobs that required international travel, and having people try to use my status as a weapon against me.

Now I get to live a new life! The world is now open to me. I no longer have to worry about leaving my kids or being a second class citizen. If you are reading this and trying to decide what lawyer to hire, you need to understand that attorney Okoh-Brown is the best! She will fight for you as if she is fighting for a family member. She will keep you updated on everything that is going on and she will be fair and honest with you. She really cares. The night before my case was decided, she texted me a prayer. I do not know too many lawyers who would do that. If she cannot help you, she will tell you that. I paid the other attorney five times, yes 5 times, what I paid her and got no results. And now because of her I have my life back again.

There are no words, as I said, none that can express how I feel and what this means to me. And there is absolutely no way I can ever thank her. But for her, I know doing a job well and knowing that she is making a difference to help immigrants in this country is thanks enough. Do not hesitate to hire her for your case, especially if it is complicated. Unlike many lawyers, she does not run away from the difficult cases and will not stop until she gets results.

Child Custody

Posted by H.S.Y

It seems being a guy makes it an uphill battle, especially in law family courts. The courts tend to take sides, in most cases involving children, with the woman. Here I was facing a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) that would have prevented me from seeing my children had it been approved by the court. I hire the office of Lisa Okoh Brown to represent me. Ms Brown went to work right away on my case and after putting in some due diligence, Attorney Lisa Brown completely crushed that TRO. She presented my case so well, the opposing attorney couldn’t say a word. Needless to say I will be seeing my children. Hiring an attorney is never cheap but if you have to, you might as well hire one that will go to work with passion on your behalf. Lisa does not take her clients’ cases and situations lightly. She will fight for you to the best of her ability and as best she knows how to. Would I hire her again? Absolutely. You will get your money’s worth out of Lisa. She even called and emailed on weekends about my case and sometimes she would stay awake until 3am in the morning making sure she was not leaving any stones unturned or missing any details. She hates surprises so she prepares hard and well. Best of all, she is honest about overall expectation of outcomes. She won’t sell you any pie-in-the-sky guarantees. She will tell you like it is.

My experience

Posted by Mona

Lisa Okoh-Brown is the True Definition of (CPR) Care Professionalism Respect. I was so scared to meet her for the first time, not knowing what to expect. The moment I saw her smile made me feel at ease. My Gosh, she is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her client. She is straight and to the point.I’ve been blessed to have her handle my situation. Now I’m an American citizen. Endless thanks to her, I wanted to let the world know. They will be in great hands choosing her. Lisa, thanks so so much I appreciate everything.


Posted by KevinBrown

I was in removal proceedings a short while back. The previous immigration attorney that I had only seemed to call for money. The firm was filled with lawyers and I saw my attorney maybe four times. I was passed on to other lawyers within the firm who didn’t seem to care. I just so happened to be driving down Bellaire at Hwy6 and saw Lisa’s sign. BEST decision I made! She took my case and fought for me. I was so afraid I’d get deported, that the day of my court hearing, I bought a ticket to leave Texas. Good thing we decided against it. Lisa appealed the case and as of February 2016, I am a naturalized CITIZEN! YES!!! Lisa got on her game and came out like a rockstar despite how difficult my case was. Her price was also very good compared to the firm of thieves who originally had my case. Do yourself a favor and HIRE THIS LADY!!