Can A Lawyer Speed Up My Immigration Case?

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Accelerating Your Immigration Journey with the Assistance of a Skilled Attorney

Navigating the complex landscape of U.S. immigration law can be a daunting task, but the involvement of an experienced immigration attorney can significantly expedite the process and help you achieve your immigration goals more efficiently. Here’s how a legal professional can be instrumental in speeding up various aspects of your immigration case.

Why Immigration Lawyers Are Invaluable?
1. Guiding Your Choices

Making informed decisions about the type of visa or status you should apply for is crucial for a successful immigration case. Immigration attorneys can assess your situation, discuss available options, and guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each. Their expertise ensures that you choose the right path from the outset, minimizing delays.

2. Streamlining Paperwork

Government paperwork for immigration is often intricate and confusing. Legal knowledge is essential for completing these documents accurately. Immigration lawyers bring clarity to the process, saving you time that would otherwise be spent deciphering complex forms. This ensures a smoother submission process with fewer chances of errors.

3. Keeping Your Case Updated

The immigration process involves multiple agencies and documents. Experienced attorneys ensure your case stays up-to-date, addressing any documentation corrections or appeals promptly. This proactive approach helps avoid significant delays or denials. Timing is critical, especially in cases involving lotteries, and an attorney ensures your submissions align perfectly.

4. Ensuring Compliance

Securing approval is just one part of immigration law. After approval, individuals and employers must adhere to various obligations to maintain legal status. Immigration lawyers guide you through renewals, documentation, taxes, and other responsibilities, preventing any disruptions to your life or business.

Assistance for Employers

Leveraging an International Workforce
For employers aiming to harness an international workforce, immigration attorneys play a crucial role. They assist in navigating classifications for temporary non-immigrant workers and permanent workers, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding costly mistakes.

I-9 Form and Employment Eligibility
Attorneys help employers navigate the I-9 Form and employment eligibility verification, ensuring timely and accurate completion. Mistakes in this process can result in severe penalties, making legal guidance invaluable, especially in an environment of increased audits by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Support for Foreign Nationals
DACA and Other Critical Cases
Immigration attorneys provide vital assistance to foreign nationals, particularly those seeking DACA status or renewal. Whether applying for fiancé visas, green cards, or participating in the J-1 program, an attorney can help build a strong case, speeding up the process and minimizing the risk of delays.

In conclusion, whether you’re an employer navigating the complexities of international hiring or an individual seeking immigration status, the expertise of an immigration attorney is a valuable asset. The Okoh-Brown Law Group team stands ready to offer world-class communication and responsiveness, ensuring a smoother and faster immigration journey for all clients.